The Ingersoll Rand range of Air Treatment products caters for nearly all applications. These are from standard industrial requirements to Food and Pharmacopeia standards. The Line Filters encompass high efficiency Housing design and Element construction.

The Refrigerated Dryers have extremely low differential pressures and the Dec range incorporates Thermal Mass Technology advantages. The Desiccant Dryers are robust and engineered for ease of installation.


Cast Filters FA Series

Fabricated Filters F Series

Refrigerated Dryers D-IN

Thermal Mass Dryers Dec Series

Refrigerated Dryers D-IN Large

Refrigerated Dryers D-IT High Tempreture

Refrigerated Dryers D-IN-W Water Cooled

Refrigerated Dryers D-IN-SW Sea Water Cooled

Desiccant Dryers D-IM Series

Desiccant Dryers D-IL Series

Desiccant Dryers D-IB Series

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