Metacentre products are used to fully integrate compressor or vacuum equipment, optimize compressed air or vacuum generation, reduce equipment energy consumption, cost as well as CO₂ and manage key aspects of the equipment and system with intuitive visual software. For larger compressor or vacuum installations, Metacentre products can reduce energy costs, typically delivering savings in thousands of Pounds per year

Metacentre consists a series of compressor or vacuum system control products as well as integration solutions to harness control of most air compressor or vacuum pump types. The products are complimented by browser hosted visual software that can be accessed locally or remotely using PC or tablet devices alike.


Metacentre SX is a ‘full feature’ Compressor management controller designed to connect up to 12 compressors in a single compressor location. As a full feature product, and in addition to the features available in Metacentre P4, Metacentre SX benefits from our advanced ‘Energy control’ software. ‘Energy control’ software allows the Management controller to distinguish between types of compressor (e.g. fixed speed, variable speed etc.) and the sizes of available compressors (e.g. 50kW, 100kW etc.).

With this information and our advanced ‘Energy control’ software, Metacentre SX is able to follow an ‘optimal energy’ control strategy. ‘Multi VSD control software’, another feature of Metacentre SX uses a VSD compressors minimum, maximum, optimum and minimum optimum speeds (where available) to successfully harness and optimally control compressor systems where multiple VSD compressors are installed.


Metacentre XC is our flagship and most complete compressor management product. Metacentre XC carries all the features of Metacentre SX, but with an increased focus on big compressor systems & system building. Systems with up to 24 compressors can be accommodated. As the potential for these compressors to be in a single location is less likely, we’ve added some unique software features to Metacentre XC.

Our ‘Zone Control’ feature helps to distribute compressors across multiple ‘compressor zones’ where distribution pipework can cause pressure drops between compressor locations. Metacentre XC’s ‘Pressure balance’ feature will also allow you to take control pressure readings from multiple locations and optimise zoned compressor selection. We’ve added more tables too, increasing the number and variety of control strategies that can be configured.

Metacentre XC isn’t just a big compressor management panel, its system building capability is considerable too.

There’s a dedicated ‘start function’ enabling auxiliary equipment to be pre-started prior to utilisation of any compressors. There’s a second ‘back-up control pressure sensor’ analogue input and further analogue inputs dedicated to ‘air treatment differential’ monitoring and ‘air low’ monitoring. The Metacentre XC is equipped with 8 dedicated ‘digital’ inputs, each having a defined function. Metacentre XC is equipped with 4 remote digital inputs that can be used as ‘input functions’ for any virtual relay. The Metacentre XC is also equipped with 10 remote relay contact outputs, the function of which is determined by the set-up of the equivalent ‘virtual relay’. As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve added the ability to add up to 12 additional I/O modules to the Metacentre XC, collectively providing the ability to automate, control and monitor almost anything. There are literally millions of configuration possibilities!


Once you’ve chosen your preferred Metacentre management controller, we recommend that you select and order compressor management kits where available. Kits exist for Metacentre S, P, SX & Metacentre VX products.

Please note that the Metacentre SX & VX kits provide for the installation of up to 4 compressors only. Where more than 4 compressors are to be connected to a Metacentre SX or VX you will need to select additional compressor interface products. Please refer to the ‘Compressor interface products’ section of this document for more information on how to make your selection.

If you have selected a Metacentre XC, or if a kit alone cannot satisfy your total system requirements then please proceed to the next step in building your system; ‘Compressor interface products’.


Metacentre kit selection made? You just need interconnecting cable to complete your system!


The following Control Systems are available:

Metacentre DCO – A basic Duty Rotation Controller with limited functionality

Metacentre P4 – A basic System Controller for up to four Compressors

Metacentre SX – An advanced System Controller for a single Plant location

Metacentre XC – A highly advanced System Controller for multiple Plant locations

Some of the above can be configured with peripherals (where applicable) for advance system integration and functionality such as the Metacentre Cyber Console Visualisation and Data Logging module.



Metacentre Cyber Console

Product Guide