Location: East Anglia

Year Completed: 2012

Food Manufacturing < 18 months Payback

This site had three separate systems with individual Plant Room and with the ability to interconnect the systems.

We carried out a Data Logging of each system and compiled the results into combined system operational parameters.

The various Compressors were aging and unreliable and the systems utilised inefficient Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Dryers.

The Compressors were replaced with one 110kW Inverter Driven Two Stage High Efficiency Ingersoll Rand Compressor (in lead operation) and Vacuum Regenerated High Efficiency Ingersoll Rand Desiccant Dryer.

As a result the energy consumption reduced by a proven 35% energy saving and a project payback of less than 18 months. In addition the R+M spend on plant failures was eliminated.